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Kennel Cough – Infectious Tracheobronchitis of Dogs

Posted on Feb.02, 2012, under Tutorial

Infectious tracheobronchitis results from inflammation of the upper ways. It is a mild disease that normally improves on its own. However it can progress to fatal bronchopneumonia in puppies or to chronic bronchitis in weakened, ill, or aged dogs. The disease spread rapidly among susceptible dogs housed in close confinement such as veterinary hospitals or kennels.

A number of viral and bacterial organisms can cause kennel cough. It is common to have infections with more than one of these organisms at the same time. Stress and environmental changes such as extremes of ventilation, temperature, and humidity appear to increase the dogs susceptible to disease as well as its severity.

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Giving Dog Vitamins, Should I?

Posted on Aug.05, 2011, under Tutorial

Having a dog does not mean you just enough to feed and ask him to play. Any health conditions we should consider. We must provide the proper vaccination schedule, giving de-worming and supplementary feeding. Nutrients obtained from food certainly does not contain all the necessary substances your dog. Giving vitamin routine will make it stay healthy and less susceptible to disease.

If you just rely on nutrients from the dog food, then the need is fulfilled only proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. They need more vitamins and minerals. Especially for highly active dogs, service dogs, pregnant dog, nursing, or working breeds. Yes they need some dog vitamins. (continue reading…)

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How to Care for an Old Dog

Posted on Jan.11, 2009, under Tutorial

world oldest dogs Do you have an old dog? Had not noticed that this old dog shows changes in the activity? This is because elderly dogs have many problems, especially health.

When we could say that they have getting old? They called as old dog if they reach 7 years old, or if we calculate with the human equivalent is 49 years old. At these age they need more intensive treatment. Here are some programs that we recommend for the “better life for the old dog“:

As the elderly man, a routine examination to the vet is very important, at least twice a year. Veterinarians will examine the condition of your dog through physical examination or with a specific diagnostic test that will be tailored to the age, race and health status. (continue reading…)

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Canine Distemper (Dog Distemper)

Posted on Aug.03, 2008, under Tutorial

Canine Distemper (Dog Distemper)Canine distemper is a highly contagious and serious disease caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and, often, the nervous systems of puppies and dogs. Puppies and dogs usually become infected through airborne exposure to the virus contained in respiratory secretions of an infected dog or wild animal.

All dogs are at risk but puppies younger than four months old and dogs that have not been vaccinated against canine distemper are at increased risk of acquiring the disease.

The first sign of distemper is eye discharge that may appear watery to pus-like. Subsequently, dogs develop fever, nasal discharge, coughing, lethargy, reduced appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. In later stages, the virus may attack the nervous system, bringing about seizures, twitching, or partial or complete paralysis. Occasionally, the virus may cause footpads to harden. (continue reading…)

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The Holistic Health Guide: Natural Care for the Whole Dog (Terra-Nova Series) (Hardcover)

Posted on May.01, 2008, under Misc

The Holistic Health Guide: Natural Care for the Whole Dog (Terra-Nova Series) (Hardcover)

The Holistic Health Guide: Natural Care for the Whole Dog (Terra-Nova Series) (Hardcover)

This book will guide you through the mysterious and sometimes confusing world of holistic care for dogs. Demystifying the subject of holistic medicine, you’ll find how many alternative forms of medicine can complement conventional veterinary practices, leading to integrated veterinary care for dogs. Safe vaccination protocols and the importance of proper nutrition and supplements are explored. The most common holistic treatment methods, including acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, herbal medicine, and homeopathy, will be addressed in detail, including tips on how to apply specific treatments to your dog.


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