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    Trailer: Open Up – A Practical Guide to Improving Pet Oral Health

    Posted on June 8, 2011, under Videos

    iM3 in conjunction with Hill’s Pet Nutrition and AVDS have produced an educational DVD features a series of films for the veterinary professionals covering the treatment, prevention and care of the oral health of dogs and cats.

    Get your free copy today! Contact iM3 or contact Hill’s

    Vet Exam Table, Battery Pack Multipurpose Transporter

    Posted on June 30, 2011, under Veterinary Equipment

    Vet Exam Table Battery Pack Multipurpose TransporterThe Battery Pack Multipurpose Transporter heavy duty transport table gives your veterinary practice extra versatility. The frame is constructed of 7 gauge steel and can roll from outdoors to any area on 3″, heavy duty, 2 position locking casters.The battery pack lift mechanism lifts to 39″ and lowers to 19″, and has operating pedals on both sides.

    Will lift up to 450 lbs. Great for emergency surgery as well as treatment and preparatory purposes. 22″ x 60″ rolled edge 16 gage stainless steel top has corner bumper guards and tie downs on each side. 5 Year warranty on table. 2 Year warranty on motor and actuator. Product by PetLift. Contact Now.

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    Osteoallograft Orthomix, Dog Bone Grafts for Fracture Repair

    Posted on June 25, 2010, under Veterinary Equipment

    Bone Grafts for Fracture RepairOsteoallograft Orthomix is a real bone graft designed specifically for veterinary use. It consists of osteoinductive Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) and osteoconductive cancellous bone chips. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that places new bone or a replacement material into spaces between or around broken bone (fractures) or in holes in bone (defects) to aid in healing.

    Using bone allograft allows you to avoid autograft procurement and associated morbidity risks. Also, because it not only provides osteoconductive scaffold but also native, osteoinductive growth factors (BMPs), you will achieve faster and stronger bone healing compared with using bone substitutes.

    Bone grafting is used to repair bone fractures that are extremely complex, pose a significant risk to the patient, or fail to heal properly. Bone grafting is also used to help fusion between vertebrae, correct deformities, or provide structural support for fractures of the spine. In addition to fracture repair , bone grafting is used to repair defects in bone caused by congenital disorders, traumatic injury, or surgery for bone cancer. Bone grafts are also used for facial or cranial reconstruction.

    dog Bone Grafts for Fracture RepairThe demineralization of allograft during tissue processing allows for immediate access to the growth factors (BMPs) inherent in natural bone when it is placed into the surgery site. This results in an immediate beginning of the healing process and helps to make allograft as effective as autograft.

    Bone will heal faster when voids are filled with bone graft, because it provides osteoconductive scaffold for host bone to grow on and native, osteoinductive BMPs that attract osteoblasts to the site. Even when there are no voids, bone graft provides these same advantages. Faster healing not only gets your patients back to normal activity faster it also increases the chances of a successful healing outcome.

    In many cases, allows you to use more bone graft than you can procure from the patient. Allograft can also be used to augment insufficient quantities of autograft. Osteoallograft Orthomix Reduces your time and cost, because it allows you to skip autograft harvesting. Studies show that allografts are as effective as autograft in bone healing.

    The Osteoallograft Orthomix Processed aseptically meeting USP guidelines for sterility. The Osteoallograft Orthomix is Acellular and processed by methods that reduce immunogenicity, which eliminates concerns about immune reactions and the need for any type of patient matching.

    Product by Veterinary Transplant Services ( | Contact the manufacturer

    Giving Dog Vitamins, Should I?

    Posted on August 5, 2011, under Tutorial

    Having a dog does not mean you just enough to feed and ask him to play. Any health conditions we should consider. We must provide the proper vaccination schedule, giving de-worming and supplementary feeding. Nutrients obtained from food certainly does not contain all the necessary substances your dog. Giving vitamin routine will make it stay healthy and less susceptible to disease.

    If you just rely on nutrients from the dog food, then the need is fulfilled only proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. They need more vitamins and minerals. Especially for highly active dogs, service dogs, pregnant dog, nursing, or working breeds. Yes they need some dog vitamins.

    dog lethargic deficiency vitamin

    A deficiency in one vitamin or mineral may leave your dog vulnerable to disease.

    Lack of vitamins can cause disease. For example vitamin A deficiency, can cause anorexia, eye disorders, skin irritations, conjunctivitis, artery and vein degeneration. Vitamin B deficiency can cause weight loss, neurological abnormalities, anemia, lack of WBC. Lack of vitamin D can cause anorexia, diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, muscle atrophy, weakness. Vitamin E deficiency can cause reproductive disorders, musculoskeletal disorders.

    Dog owners should pay attention to the health condition of the dog, including also be precise in selecting the necessary vitamins for your dog, because every dog has different needs. For example the dog in its infancy should consume lots of vitamin A, omega 3 fatty acids. Another example, older dogs requires a vitamin containing glucosamine in it to help strong their joints.

    In conclusion, yes, it is very important to give vitamins to your dog, especially in dogs who need lots of energy, they need it. One of best resources on the web we met is You could get your needs there, e.g. dog vitamins, kosher vitamins, or liver detox. It’s worth a try, you will be satisfied.

    photo credit: burtonrocks