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    Get Connected with Your Dogs

    Posted on October 28, 2008, under Misc

    To be able to communicate dog we need to understand how the dog is communicating with us (Dog’s behavior). What they do with various ways such as bark, given tails or provide a sharp beam when danger threatens.

    how could we know that our angry to dog cause fear, depression or anti-social?

    Playing with your dog and start to understand itself every language that he tried to say to you, but this takes very long to recognize each character with your dog without proper estimate and through training your dog on the you will quickly know their condition.

    As infants, young dogs are difficult to make the interaction or communication with the people and for that we need some means of the clicker in which these tools can bridge the communication with our dog with us that language is very easy.

    Such as Sit and then click on the continue with the food! This is a bridge of communication between your pet dog with you.

    The Binocular 30-CXB Microscope, Vet Med Direct Product

    Posted on January 2, 2009, under Veterinary Equipment

    The Binocular 30-CXB MicroscopeThe binocular 30-CXB-100-LED is includes 4 objectives including a 100X oil-immersion lens for the most utility at a very reasonable price. This fully featured microscope has been designed for veterinarians, kennels and advanced scientific students.


    Model: 30-CXM-100-LED

    Head:Siedentopf style binocular

    Eyepiece:10x WF

    Objectives:4x 10x 40x(R) 100x(R) oil

    Stage:Mechanical stage with underhung controls

    Condenser:Abbe 1.25 NA with aperture diaphragm, rack mounted

    Focusing:Coaxial coarse and fine


    • Superior quality 10x wide field eyepieces.
    • Siedentopf style binocular head with diopter adjustment on the left eye tube.
    • DIN achromatic objectives.
    • Full-sized mechanical stage with underhung controls.
    • Reverse nosepiece for more working room on stage.
    • Stage has tension adjustment to virtually eliminate stage drift.
    • Positive stops at both ends of stage travel to prevent damage to specimens and optics.
    • Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm.
    • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing.
    • Long-life LED illumination.

    Vet Product by Vet Med Direct. View Product Details

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    Handheld Capnograph, CO2 Monitor for Veterinary Medicine

    Posted on May 10, 2011, under Veterinary Equipment

    Veterinary Capnograph MonitorThe capnograph provides information about the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled and inhaled. It does this by measuring the absorption of infrared light, which is absorbed particularly well by carbon dioxide. The capnograph displays a waveform of CO2 (measured in kiloPascals or millimeters of mercury) and it displays the value of the CO2 at the end of exhalation, which is known as the end-tidal CO2.

    Features: Visual and audible alarm signals, End tidal CO2 numeric value, End tidal CO2 wave form and respiration rate, Sidestream technology for application with intubated and non-intubated patients, Optional infrared printer, Adjustable alarm limits.

    A capnograph is useful in detecting changes in carbon dioxide concentrations in patients who are hemodynamically stable, but not critically ill. The capnograph is the gold standard for detecting oesophageal intubation. It may detect air embolism as a sudden decrease in ETCO2. As a disconnection alarm for a ventilator or a breathing system. To diagnose malignant hyperthermia as a gradual increase in ETCO2. Or to recognize sudden circulatory collapse as a sudden decrease in ETCO2.

    Capnography helps to identify situations that can lead to hypoxia if uncorrected. It also helps in the swift differential diagnosis of hypoxia before hypoxia can lead to irreversible brain damage. In veterinary medicine, Capnograph use for patients with: thoracotomy, diaphragmatic hernia, possible pneumothorax, pneumonia, asthma/ heaves, critically ill – sepsis, shock, trauma.

    V8401 Handheld Capnograph is a product by Surgivet. Product Details.

    Ultrasounds and Pachymeters from Cal Coast Ophthalmic Instruments

    Posted on July 31, 2007, under Veterinary Equipment

    Ultrasounds and Pachymeters from Cal Coast Ophthalmic InstrumentsThe PacScan 300A is a portable, digital A-scan system which provides easy-to-use touch screen operation. The combination of a high-frequency low noise probe and fast precise algorithm enables scan capture immediately upon application of the probe along the visual axis.

    The PacScan 300A provides:

    • Live A-Scan display
    • Storage of 5 different user profiles
    • 5 different examination modes
    • Measurement review capability
    • 5 different IOL formulas
    • Immersion capabilities
    • Clinical accuracy ± 0.1 mm

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