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    Fantasy Encyclopedia Reviews

    Posted on September 28, 2010, under Veterinary Book

    Fantasy Encyclopedia

    With a foreword by the award-winning fantasy author Jonathan Stroud, and illustration by some of the world’s best illustrators including John Howe, the Fantasy Encyclopedia is a spectacular one-stop guide to the creatures and people of folklore and fantasy. From goblins and fairies to dragons and Dracula, this encyclopedia covers them all with sparkling, readable text and stunning illustrations. Discover how the magic of stories throughout the centuries has kept these creatures alive in traditio

    Dog Bathing Tips

    Posted on December 11, 2008, under Tutorial

    It’s a myth that you should rarely bathe your dog. Show dogs are usually bathed weekly and are in fantastic condition. Bathe to your heart’s content. The key is to brush often (daily for some dogs) to keep the natural oils distributed in the coat. The other key is that when you shampoo, rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly. In the case of a long or thick-coated dog this usually means using a dog blow dryer (which doesn’t deliver heat – very important, only powerful air) and drying right down to the skin (brush as you blow to “fluff” the dog). Nails are easier to trim after bathing as they’re softened up.

    There are lots of “self-service” bathing stations in pet stores these days if you don’t want to make a mess of your own bathroom or don’t want to use the yard. You can use the following products to bath your dogs: Pet Aromatic Woodsy Woof Dog Bath, Booster Bath Plastic Dog Bath, Indoor – Outdoor Pet Shower

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    Dog Grooming for Medium Coated Dogs

    Posted on April 1, 2008, under Misc

    • Wire Pin Brush
    • Slicker Brush
    • Fine to medium “greyhound” style comb
    • Flea Comb
    • Shedding blade (optional – if you want to cut down on shedding)

    Encyclopedia of Tropical Fish

    Posted on November 16, 2010, under Veterinary Book

    Encyclopedia of Tropical Fish

    This Encyclopedia includes extensive information on all of the fish appropriate for an aquarium. The main characteristics of familiar and less familiar kinds of tropical fish are explained here in layman’s terms–as are such subjects as main characteristics of various species and proper care of tropical fish. The book also includes hundreds of color photographs of tropical fish and a detailed Subject Index.