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    Spaying and Neutering Your Dogs

    Posted on July 9, 2008, under Tutorial

    Neutering or spaying your dog is an absolute must. There are too many dogs without homes or shelters for your dog to contribute to the canine overpopulation. Dogs should be neutered before they are 6 months old. Neutering a dog has many benefits – they become less territorial and less aggressive. Neutering also prevents the development of various cancers in your dog like cancer of the prostrate.

    spaying and neutering your dogs

    Females need to be spayed before 6 months too. You don’t want your dog to go through a pregnancy and a stressful and hormone ridden delivery every three months. Moreover, the scent of a female in heat can attract unneutered males from miles around. Dogs attracted to a female have been known to try to enter yards, and indulge in bloody fights over the female.

    Recognize the Veterinary Technician You Know…

    Posted on September 14, 2008, under Misc

    Veterinary technicians are a group of unique and skilled individuals unlike any other professionals that you will find in the medicine field.

    This design is for the “Super Tech” that you know, and can be found on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and more… [ ]

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    Veterinary Table, Vet Sink Tub Table Complete + Carriage

    Posted on June 9, 2011, under Veterinary Equipment

    Veterinary Table Vet Sink Tub Table Complete CarriageEasily cleaned and maintained, thus popular with veterinary nurses. All round accessibility in standing and seated positions. Fully welded internal joints precluding matter ingress and the retention of infectious organisms. Integral mixer taps and umbilical shower unit. Sloping sink base draining all fluids automatically away from the subject. Can be combined with the latest air driven dental units and mobile seating. Radiused corners. Four button hooks are located on the sides for hanging the taps during cleaning. Veterinary Equipment by Veterinary Instrumentation. Product Details

    Osteoallograft Orthomix, Dog Bone Grafts for Fracture Repair

    Posted on June 25, 2010, under Veterinary Equipment

    Bone Grafts for Fracture RepairOsteoallograft Orthomix is a real bone graft designed specifically for veterinary use. It consists of osteoinductive Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) and osteoconductive cancellous bone chips. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that places new bone or a replacement material into spaces between or around broken bone (fractures) or in holes in bone (defects) to aid in healing.

    Using bone allograft allows you to avoid autograft procurement and associated morbidity risks. Also, because it not only provides osteoconductive scaffold but also native, osteoinductive growth factors (BMPs), you will achieve faster and stronger bone healing compared with using bone substitutes.

    Bone grafting is used to repair bone fractures that are extremely complex, pose a significant risk to the patient, or fail to heal properly. Bone grafting is also used to help fusion between vertebrae, correct deformities, or provide structural support for fractures of the spine. In addition to fracture repair , bone grafting is used to repair defects in bone caused by congenital disorders, traumatic injury, or surgery for bone cancer. Bone grafts are also used for facial or cranial reconstruction.

    dog Bone Grafts for Fracture RepairThe demineralization of allograft during tissue processing allows for immediate access to the growth factors (BMPs) inherent in natural bone when it is placed into the surgery site. This results in an immediate beginning of the healing process and helps to make allograft as effective as autograft.

    Bone will heal faster when voids are filled with bone graft, because it provides osteoconductive scaffold for host bone to grow on and native, osteoinductive BMPs that attract osteoblasts to the site. Even when there are no voids, bone graft provides these same advantages. Faster healing not only gets your patients back to normal activity faster it also increases the chances of a successful healing outcome.

    In many cases, allows you to use more bone graft than you can procure from the patient. Allograft can also be used to augment insufficient quantities of autograft. Osteoallograft Orthomix Reduces your time and cost, because it allows you to skip autograft harvesting. Studies show that allografts are as effective as autograft in bone healing.

    The Osteoallograft Orthomix Processed aseptically meeting USP guidelines for sterility. The Osteoallograft Orthomix is Acellular and processed by methods that reduce immunogenicity, which eliminates concerns about immune reactions and the need for any type of patient matching.

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