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    Vet Terminal, Animal Health Management Software by Hellenic Systems

    Posted on May 10, 2010, under Veterinary Software

    Vet Terminal animal health software Hellenic Systems Ltd have developed a slaughterhouse-based VET-terminal. These systems will work in conjunction with the MLC “black box” and Hellenic livestock payment or stand-alone. The system has a color touch-screen terminal, which is based to work only within the slaughterhouse environment.

    The terminals more records on animal health conditions to be complied with to kill off the line. These are placed in a database on a local PC or network file server instead. This database can produce historical reports to be trends and conditions in a given producers show animals. The system was designed to work with all types of work and can too much or individual carcass levels (in the case of bovine record).

    Where the Hellenic Livestock payment are available, the VET-terminal links existing in the systems, so that much information is available. This removes the requirements for record slaps or other identifiers at the terminal. This data is then added to the livestock system, so that the animal data can be returned to the manufacturer, together with the transfer of data and classification.

    All diseased and information in the terminal, so that the level of detail can be controlled by the user programmable. The VET system can store records in the case of the host system otherwise. Try it

    Dog Eye Disorders

    Posted on July 19, 2008, under Tutorial

    The Eye Disorders was not only encountered to humankind, but quite a few were encountered to the dogs. The case happened to the multitudinous dog, from the minor case to heavy. The owner’s ignorance of the dog would the cause of the Eye Disorders often result in got a serious disturbance to the dog eyes.

    Wrong therapy could make eyes damage more spread. For example drop eye medicines not suitable for the glaucoma or the increasing pressure of the eyeball liquid. Moreover when excessive giving will make destruction of the eyeball that resulted in blindness. To understand various cases of the eyes, based on its anatomy, at least the problem was divided into eyeball problem and the outside of the eyeball problem.

    Dog eye disordersThe important part of the eyes that often experienced the disturbance is cornea or the most outside part of the eyeball took the form of the thin layer. This part often experienced the wound (ulcer cornea) because of various matters, the trauma or the bacterial infection. Behind cornea was gotten the liquid that was acknowledged as anterior dumber that often his pressure increased because the rise in the waste of the available liquid was mentioned glaucoma. The liquid pressure increased cause the eyepiece to be pressed, so as to blindness happen. Whereas that was meant by cataracts is eyepiece that caused by the age factor. Inflammation of the iris or the slice often mentioned as uveitis. So it’s clear, that must be careful in naming the magma changes to the eyes because not all the changes in the cornea were cataracts.

    Others Eye Disorders of the outside of the eyeball was incision. Incision was the waste of the eyes that often were encountered to the corner of the eyes. The cause of incision was varied among them because of the foreign object or because of buckling the eyelids had a direction the eyeball so as the eyes as being stabbed. The other cause of incision could take the form of the germs infection or the allergy so as the eyes were felt itchy. Generally when the infection or the interior allergy from the eyelids happening reddened or became excited. Incision also could happen because obstruction of the eyes tract.

    Eye Disorders that also occurred often encountered were cherry eye or the issuing of the middle eyelids so it is looks like a stand out eyes that similar to cherry that only could be treating by operation. The trauma that often happened is pacula or caused by the bite that often caused by the issuing of the eyeball. It is only occurred on pekingese dogs. It should immediately handled by putting again the eyeball and sewing the eyelids so as to keep the eyeball went again out. In the difficult incident was the eyeball could not have functioned again then better be released or amputated so it will not cause the continued infection.

    From the analysis above could be concluded that it’s need to be careful in handling the dog eye disorders because not all eyes medicine could overcome the problem of the eyes even when causing the bigger problem.

    Try The Angels’ Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator for Dogs to avoid the eye disorders on your dogs, and read the Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook for more information about dog eye disorders.

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    General Health Check of Your Dog

    Posted on October 21, 2011, under Tutorial

    If you have a dog these are some tips that will save your money visit your veterinarian.

    The Eyes

    general diseases in dogThe surface of the eye (cornea) should be clear. The center of the eye (pupil) should respond to light. You can see a light in your pets’ eyes light up and constricts the pupil. The right and left pupils should be equal.

    The pink tissue around the eye called the conjunctiva. It is normally a light pink color. In infections, it will be a darker pink and the eyes to produce a white or greenish discharge. There are a number of home remedies to treat conjunctivitis.

    The ears

    Your dog should shake your head, if he might have an ear infection.

    The outside of the ear (pinna) should be a light pink and its palpate should be flat. Any thickening could indicate an ear infection, allergy or a blood blister in the ear (ear hematoma).

    The inside of the ear (ear canal) should be easy to find and free of discharge. A small amount of light yellow discharge is probably normal wax. Any foul smelling odor indicates an infection. A yellowish discharge often has a yeast infection. Hard black deposits indicate likely your cats ears to ear mites. If dirt and odor are present, then clean your pets’ ears.


    Check for any signs of discharge from the right or left nostril. The occasional clear discharge is normal for some animals, but continuous discharge indicates a problem, like an allergy.

    Your pet can benefit from a hypoallergenic diet, which can be bought commercially. Alternatively you can make home diet, you make yourself. Whatever food you choose, they must be fed for 12 weeks.

    If after 12 weeks your pet it still scratching, then it is probably not a food allergy.

    The Mouth

    dog dental cleaningFirst, examine the outside of your pets’ mouth. The base of the chin can become infected in cats with a condition called feline acne. The lips should appear smooth and have no signs of inflammation.

    Pay special attention to creases in the lower lip large breed dogs with lots of extra skin. If saliva accumulates, then wipe the area with an antiseptic such as pharmaceuticals Biotene.

    Pick up your pets lips and examine their teeth. The gums should appear a healthy pink color (except in breeds such as Chows with dark pigment). Pay special attention to the area where the teeth begin.

    Inflamed gums appear a darker red and may bleed even if you touch them. This is a sign of gingivitis and may mean your pet needs a dental cleaning.

    The neck

    Palpate the base of the jaw and the beginning of the neck. In this section you can view the corner of the lower jaw (mandible). You should be able to feel the parotid gland and submandibular lymph nodes. In a healthy animal, most of the time you do not feel anything in this field.

    Each lymph node swelling is serious, you have your veterinarian look for what caused the swelling. It is very important to catch the signs early. Your pet can benefit from some immune stimulation.

    image credit: dogspired & hubpages

    Principles and Practice of Veterinary Technology

    Posted on March 1, 2011, under Veterinary Book

    Principles and Practice of Veterinary Technology
    Now in full color, Principles and Practice of Veterinary Technology provides comprehensive coverage of the competencies every vet tech needs to know. Illustrated, step-by-step instructions emphasize the technician’s role and responsibilities in each procedure, and dozens of new summary tables and boxes make it easy to find key information. Written by experienced vet tech educator Margi Sirois, this edition offers excellent preparation for clinical practice and for veterinary technician credentia