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Let’s Play Veterinarian! Dramatic Play Box

Posted on Dec.28, 2007, under Misc

Let’s Play Veterinarian! Dramatic Play Box
Most kids love animals and playing doctor, so why not combine the two! Let’s Play Veterinarian play box encourages children to become a veterianarian for a day. This dramatic play box was designed with a child’s imagination in mind. Realistic props give them many opportunities to reinforce critical early literacy skills. Encourage children to create characters, role play, and involve their peers and/or adults. This play box suggests a play theme to children but the door is wide open for their own creativity and imagination. The Education Guide and Parent/Teacher Resource CD provide tools to enhance the child’s imaginative play. Includes: prescription pad, clipboard, stethescope & surgical tools, credit card, scrubs, name badge, gloves (non-latex), plush dog, plush bear, surgical mask & tape, bandage, and sling. Ages 3 to 8. Some parts are made in the USA, some in China.

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