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    Idexx LaserCyte Hematology Analyzer – Flow Cytometry Hematology System

    Posted on May 26, 2010, under Veterinary Equipment

    Idexx LaserCyte Hematology Analyzer Flow Cytometry Hematology SystemThe Idexx lasercyte analyzer is a flow-cytometry hematology system that is designed to classify hematological cells in a sample by interrogating a focused stream of cells and particles with laser light. The lasercyte is designed to be left on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows the instrument to perform its self-maintenance cycles.

    Features: Full five-part differential accurately detects stress leukograms, neoplasia, inflammation, parasitic disease and allergies; Reference laboratory-quality laser flow cytometry results in minutes; No daily maintenance or user calibration; Accurately differentiate between regenerative and nonregenerative anemia with an absolute reticulocyte count; Primary tube sampling and mixing system reduces user training requirements.

    The lasercyte interfaces with the IDEXX Vetlab station computer and a touch screen monitor. The touch screen monitor serves as an input device as well as a display monitor, and the need of a keyboard which would consume valuable counter space.  The touch screen monitor has a flat bse that slides under the lasercyte analyzer so that the monitor is positioned directly above it.

    The computer runs the lasercyte software and stores the database of patients test results. The lasercyte analyzer interfaces with the idexx vetlab station computer as its central processing unit.

    The IDEXX VETTEST can be linked to this machine and will store your results on the vetlab station computer. Comes specifically configured with USB and serial ports that interface with the LaserCyte analyzer and other IDEXX vetlab analyzers. You can have all the labwork on one computer. Make more informed decisions more quickly and share results with clients during the patient visit. The LaserCyte® Hematology Analyzer offers you the most accurate, real-time, comprehensive hematology information in-house in minutes. Comprehensive real-time results that help you provide a higher standard of care. How To Buy

    Vumex External Fixation System

    Posted on July 15, 2011, under Veterinary Equipment

    Vumex external fixation systemThe Vumex external fixation system is particularly appropriate for small dogs and cats together with rabbits, guinea pigs and exotics. This is the Alpha Clamp, which takes up to 2.0 mm Pins and up to 3.0 mm. The system is very lightweight. The distraction devices are self contained and very effective in small fragment distraction. The grub screw pushes the bar against the pin which is locked with a minimum of three point fixation. The fishmouth type does not require that the pin passes through the clamp prior to attaching the distractor. The bars are knurled for maximum grip and are easily contoured. The Vumex external fixation system is a product by Veterinary Instrumentation. Go to product page.

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    Rotating Electric Fixed Top Groming Table

    Posted on November 4, 2011, under Veterinary Equipment

    rotating electric fixed top groming tableElectric Fixed Top Grooming Table with Rotating Post Lowers to 12”, Raises to 42” Back saver, animals walk on and off. Smooth, silent lifting and lowering function. Table constructed of 7 gauge steel with an extra large 54″ x 24″ top, oval at one end.

    Features include the 3000 Ultra Post that rotates 180°, control pedals on both sides and a duplex outlet. Top is of 3/4 moisture resistant plywood covered with a heavy duty non-skid mat. Veterinary Surgery Table by PetLift. Contact PetLift

    The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs

    Posted on October 11, 2010, under Veterinary Book

    The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs (Illustrated Encyclopedia of...)

    • ISBN13: 9780754815730
    • Condition: New
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    Here is the ultimate book for dinosaur lovers–a complete identification guide featuring 600 dinosaurs, written by a leading expert and stunningly illustrated.