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    Large Animal Instruments and Equipment Photos by Madison College Libraries

    Posted on November 3, 2011, under Veterinary Equipment

    Obstetrical Handles & Obstetrical ChainsOne of the best way to reduce stress in handle large animals is to use the proper methods while gathering, treating, and processing them. Understanding your cattle respond is such a good way, but you’ll need right equipments to do it. Below are photo gallery of large animal instruments and equipment by MadisonCollegeLibraries.

    To reduce stress you could use properly designed facilities, keep things quiet, train your herd and make travel safe and calm. To treat animals closely, some kind of restraint is usually necessary. Dairy cows can often be restrained in a stanchion, since they are already accustomed to this type of restraint. For a beef animal, some other method is usually needed. Halter is an adequate restraint for some medical procedures in large animal.

    Nose tongs (nose lead) can help hold a cow’s head still when certain procedures need to be done. The nose is tender, so the animal hesitates to move or pull away once the metal lead is applied. The safest way to apply nose lead is to stand in front of her and very quickly snap the tongs into her nose before she has a chance to move. Complete list of large animal instruments and equipment posted below. Click to view larger.

    Tuttnauer 2340M, Sterilizer/Autoclave for Vet

    Posted on August 13, 2007, under Misc

    Tuttnauer 2340M Autoclave Sterilizer. Used but in excellent condition and it works perfectly. Physically, It has a slight indent in the top left sheet metal (see photos) that could be easily popped out, but it in no way affects the operation of the autoclave. Other than a few light scratches and a few small marks from a Sharpie pen, it is in great condition.


    Chamber: 9″ x 18″
    Volume: 5gal/19L
    Overall Dimensions: 21.5″ D x 20″ W x 14.4″ H
    Standard Cassettes: 2 full / 2 half
    Tray Dimensions: 6.7″ D x 16.3″ W x .8″ H
    Number of Trays: 3
    Standard Unwrapped Cycle Time: Cold – 30 mins / Hot – 20 mins
    Voltage: 120V
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Power: 1400W
    Current: 12A
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    VetScan HM5 Hematology System, Comprehensive Complete Blood Count for Vet

    Posted on July 2, 2010, under Veterinary Equipment

    Abaxis VetScan HM5The VetScan HM5 is a fully-automated 5-part differential cell counter specifically designed for veterinary applications. The VetScan HM5 uses a combination of chemical differentiation and impedance technology to provide the 5-part WBC differential. The VetScan HM5 provides a comprehensive 22-parameter complete blood count with cellular histograms in just minutes for Dog, Cat and Horse.

    Ten species are supported on the VetScan HM5. In 5-part differential mode: Dog, Cat, and Horse. In the 3-part differential mode, currently validated species are: mouse, rabbit, rat, ferret, pig, and cattle. Monkey is also available for research use only. The VetScan HM5 permitting the veterinarian to complete a routine annual check up and/or make a timely diagnosis and devise an appropriate treatment plan.

    The VetScan HM5 Hematology System produces accurate cell counts based on impedance technology. It delivers a 22-parameter CBC analysis, including a 5-part WBC differential and four cellular histograms. Cell counts are determined by the number of pulses measured in a given volume of blood over a set period of time. Electrically neutral blood cells pass through an electrically charged aperture generating a “pulse”. Well tested technology considered so reliable for cell counting that it has long been used in human diagnostic instruments.

    The size of the VetScan HM5 aperture was specifically designed to accommodate veterinary blood cells, thereby providing optimal differentiation. Hematology analyses require EDTA-treated blood (from lavender or purple top tubes containing potassium EDTA only). It is important to ensure that your sample is well mixed and contains optimal proportions of blood and EDTA.

    As with any cell counter, the analyzer must be kept clean to avoid build up of debris and particle interference in the system. Performing the simple and easy preventative maintenance will keep the HM5 in optimal operating condition, thus ensuring peak performance, and high quality results.

    The VetScan HM5 System requires 100-240 volts AC, 50-60 Hz or 12 volts DC. Abaxis® recommends that the VetScan HM5 be plugged into a surge protector designed for use with a computer.

    The versatile VetScan HM5 incorporates superior performance, ease of use, offers true database management and minimal maintenance making it an attractive alternative for veterinary clinics, research laboratories and pharmaceutical/biotech companies either using a commercial lab or in-house hematology instruments. Contact the Manufacturer

    VetScan HM5 Hematology System enterVetScan HM5 Hematology System insertVetScan HM5 Hematology System read3 Easy Steps:

    Step 1: Enter patient info

    Step 2: Insert a well-mixed sample and press start

    Step 3: Read results – the results will be displayed in minutes

    Avian Influenza Type A Antigen Test Kit – AI Flu Detect™

    Posted on March 29, 2012, under Veterinary Equipment

    The Flu Detect™ Test Strip is an in-vitro, rapid immunochromatographic assay designed to aid in the qualitative detection of Influenza type A virus in tracheal and cloacal specimen from symptomatic birds or flocks. This assay detects all 15 subtypes of Influenza type A virus.

    Influenza type A viruses can infect avian, porcine, equine and other species including humans. Infected birds can shed influenza virus in their saliva, nasal secretions, and feces. Domesticated birds may become infected with avian influenza virus through direct contact with infected waterfowl or other infected poultry, or through contact with surfaces or materials that have been contaminated with the virus.

    Disease signs in poultry range from only a slight decrease in egg production to a highly fatal fulminating infection. Signs of infection may include respiratory problems, edema of the head and face or diarrhea. The clinical signs are very variable and are influenced by factors such as the virulence of the infecting virus, species affected, age, sex, concurrent diseases and environment.

    In broilers, the signs of disease are frequently less obvious with severe depression, lack of appetite, a marked increase in mortality, Edema of the face and neck and neurological signs such as torticollis and ataxia. Avian influenza is characterised histologically by vascular disturbances leading to edema, haemorrhages and perivascular cuffing, especially in the myocardium, spleen, lungs, brain and wattles. Birds that die of peracute disease may show minimal gross lesions, consisting of dehydration and congestion of viscera and muscles.

    This product is developed based on Rapid Immuno-Migration (RIM) technology. The test strip uses two antibodies that are specific to Influenza type A virus. Tracheal or oropharyngeal samples should be taken from behind the tongue and into the trachea or oropharyngeal area. Cloacal samples should be taken from within the cloacal area avoiding excess solid fecal material or visible blood. If samples will not be tested immediately they should be stored at 4°C for up to 24 hours. For prolonged storage, samples should be kept frozen (-20°C). Flu Detect™ test kits should be stored between 2 and 30°C (35-86°F).

    Reading Results:
    After 15 minutes, observe the presence or absence of pink/purple bands in the center of the test strip between the two absorption pads. The control band appears in the upper end of the test strip (closest to the handle), while the sample test results are read in the lower part of the test strip. Positive results should be submitted to a reference lab for confirmation and subtype determination. Negative results indicate that no detectable Influenza type A virus is present. Contact the manufacturer