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    Canine Hydrotherapy Service – DogPools Inc.

    Posted on November 15, 2011, under Veterinary Equipment

    Canine Hydrotherapy Service Dog Treadmill PoolWater treatment nowadays become alternative way to help your animals treat many conditions using warm water and swim jets. Water treatment, known as Hydrotherapy often used to both the health and fitness of horses and dogs or in the tratment of orthopaedic disease, arthritis, ligament, etc. How it works: the swim jets pushing warm waters and give a soft massage effect increasing blood flow in the skin and muscles.

    The water massage system will help patient in increases blood flow, remove waste products, and help cardiovascular activity. Hydrotherapy also can help dogs which require postoperative treatment.

    Hydrotherapy takes place in warm water, the sooner hydrotherapy is started (if and when possible) the better, because the muscles begin to waste away very quickly from reduced use.

    The Benefits: Relief of pain and swelling; Muscle strengthening, Muscle maintenance; Improved circulation; Joint movement; Increase blood flow; Cardiovascular fitness; Promotion of relaxation.

    DogPools Inc. offers best quality of canine pools and its quality equipment. DogPools Inc. is a supplier of Bespoke Canine Hydrotherapy Equipment. All their equipment is specific to Canine Hydrotherapy treatment.

    DogPools Inc. or
    31 hall lane
    NR15 2UH
    Tel: 01508 532155
    Mob: 07960 714188

    Veterinary Equipment and Supplies in Australia: A Strategic Reference, 2007

    Posted on September 15, 2010, under Veterinary Equipment

    Veterinary Equipment and Supplies in Australia: A Strategic Reference, 2007

    The primary audience for this report is managers involved with the highest levels of the strategic planning process and consultants who help their clients with this task. The user will not only benefit from the hundreds of hours that went into the methodology and its application, but also from its alternative perspective on strategic planning relating to veterinary equipment and supplies in Australia. As the editor of this report, I am drawing on a methodology developed at INSEAD, an internatio

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    Introduction to Equine Dentistry DVD Video

    Posted on July 28, 2010, under Videos

    Introduction to Equine Dentistry DVD VideosThe 27 minute Introduction to Equine Dentistry DVD Video is a must have DVD for Vet Students in their early studies. This DVD Video presents the basics of equine dentistry using anatomically correct 3D animation. It also provides excellent presentation material for veterinarians that give educational lectures to clients and horse-clubs.

    This DVD presents the basics of equine dentistry in a manner which is easy to understand by the veterinary student or veterinary client. DVD topics included are anatomy of the skull and teeth, aging process, the chewing cycle, a guide to age indicators tooth nomenclature, incisor and molar malocclusions, the Triadan System and dental examinations.

    Created in CG-animation which creates a 3-D viewing experience from basic anatomy to the process of aging, delivers incredible digital visuals and straight facts about the importance of equine teeth.

    The Introduction to Equine Dentistry DVD Video developed to allow licensed veterinarians and horse-owners to share a common knowledge of equine anatomy, equine dentistry and the life-long care of horses. It can be utilized as office educational material or part of educational presentations. An important addition to veterinary-client education material. The detailed introduction to equine dentistry presented in a dynamic, easy to follow, 3D computer-generated motion video and audio presentation.

    Product by Digital Equus. Buy Now (Credit Card approved)

    VetDrug Application for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

    Posted on August 1, 2010, under Veterinary Software

    VetDrug Application for iPhone, iPod, and iPadThe most complete and concise veterinary drug reference. VetDrug is a simple, clean and easy to use veterinary drug reference. It’s loaded with over 100 commonly used veterinary drugs and includes dosing, warnings and potential side effects.

    This comprehensive database contains treatment options for a variety of animals including dogs, cats, and numerous exotic species. The main screen displays two menu available, they are VetDrug and Unit Conversion. The Unit Conversion menu contains Weight and Body surface area, so you can suit your need. For online Veterinary Drug References, you could use Veterinary Formulary by University of Minnesota or Veterinary Product Database by

    The VetDrug Application gives you the ability to modify drugs that are included with the app as well as add new drugs to personalize VetDrug for your use. You also have the ability to add tablet or bottle pictures. No internet connection required.

    To buy this vet application, simply open your iTunes software, and purchase from iTunes.