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    The Main Function of Central Nervous System

    Posted on January 16, 2009, under Tutorial

    The main function of central nervous system are set up, regulate and adjusts the body’s internal activities in the whole body on the situation in surrounding areas. Higher degree of ingenuity animal powerless animal’s cause adapts themselves to the changes around and this is mainly caused by animals that have tremendous momentum. These momentums, which many regarded as a bit of evolution index, grow and develop according to the needs of movement. Each ganglion affect one segment, but each ganglion works with the other. This is the basic function of medulla oblongata and brain stem.

    When the animals in their lives should be more then he needs to move the mechanism that provides oxygen and food on the animal so medulla and spons will be created, which have major respiratory and blood circulation. Besides, the increasing power indigestion caused by the influence of the vagus nerve power swallow, vomiting, and digestive organs movement.

    When animal becomes more aggressive with leg and feet reflex then mastered the location of the top of the medulla to the brain; cerebellum will perfect the exercise. In the hypothalamus there are:

    1. Centers to adjust the temperature changes outside and inside

    2. Centers which work together with the pituitary gland (which is also set to grow animals) to maintain affect animals.

    Finally cerebellum provides power to connect past experiences with the present experience, body movement and think more quickly.

    DVMAX, Fast and Easy Veterinary Practice Management Software

    Posted on April 26, 2009, under Veterinary Software

    DVMAX Veterinary Practice Management Software DVMAX Practice offers a total software solution to your practice’s needs. Features Complete Animal Health Medical Record, Integrated Lab and in-house blood analyzer support, Prescription labeling and pharmacy inventory management, Powerful search engine, record manipulation and financial reporting capabilities, Built-in Word-processing, including macros for quicker, error-free entry, fax and email capablity.

    DVMAX has been developing the most powerful, yet easy to use, veterinary practice management system for both Mac and Windows. The DVMAX ‘One Step Paperless Practice’, maximizes your profits, eliminates missed charges, and controls your most expensive cost: your labor! History-driven invoicing eliminates the need to create a medical record, an invoice, and a health check report card separately.

    DVMAX SafeData Program has been online for over a year now and has been a great success. This service performs automatic FTP uploads and/or monitoring of your practice’s regular DVMAX data backups. With the data upload options, uploads of your backups are sent automatically to the secure server weekly or monthly using a program that runs on the DVMAX Server computer in your practice. Try the live demo

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    Restraint of Fractious Cat

    Posted on September 8, 2007, under Misc

    restraint of fractious cat

    restraint of fractious cat

    There are several effective methods to handle and restrain a cat. Your choice will depend on whether the individual animal is tranquil and cooperative or frightened and aggressive. When the cat is cooperative, routine procedures such as grooming, bathing, or even medicating are best carried out in quiet surroundings with a minimum of physical restraint. Approach the cat with confidence and handle it gently. Most cats can be coaxed into accepting the procedure and do not need to be restrained.

    If the cat is frightened or in pain, take precautions to avoid injury. Lift the cat at once from behind by the nape of the neck and lower it into a cat carrier or a cloth bag such as a pillowcase. The material must not be airtight, or the cat will smother. Once inside with no way to see out, the animal will feel secure and begin to relax. Transport the cat to the veterinary hospital.

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    Useful Article: Treating Dog Fever

    Posted on December 26, 2008, under Tutorial

    dog feverIt is nearly impossible to tell if a dog has fever without taking his temperature first. One of the best outer signs that your dog may not be feeling well nor has fever is lethargy, meaning that he is just lying around not wanting to play, drink or eat.

    If your dog’s temperature is over 104 degrees, you will need to get him to the vet. If it is below 104 degrees, keep him cool and hydrated.

    If you are taking the temperature with a mercury thermometer, you will need to leave it in approximately three to four minutes before reading it.

    To read the thermometer, gently slide it out of the rectum and wipe the inserted end off with either a baby wipe or a dry tissue.

    Have someone assist you in keeping your dog still. If he is not feeling well, he may be more prone to biting.

    If you are taking his temperature with a mercury thermometer, you will have to shake the mercury down. If you are using an electronic thermometer, it should be ready to go.

    After reading the thermometer, wipe it down with an alcohol pad or a germicide wipe to ensure that it is clean.

    Slowly and gently lift your dog’s tail to insert the lubricated end of the thermometer right inside of his rectum.

    writen by: Heidi Gonzales on eHow