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    Veterinary Matrx Anesthesia VME2 Tabletop

    Posted on November 25, 2012, under Anesthesia Machine

    Matrx VME2 Tabletop/wall mount system provides flexibility and economical value. The system contains a convenient carry handle with soft vinyl grip to allow easy mobility. Optional wall mount kit is available. Includes vaporizer mounting kit, 1 and 2 liter breathing bags and15mm and 22mm breathing circuits.

    Rubber foot pads help prevent scratching of countertop. Accepts Matrx VIP 3000® and TEC 3 vaporizers. Light weight – 16 lbs. Convenient carry handle with soft vinyl grip. Compact design. Includes breathing circuit package. Also available as a Low-flow model which replaces the 0.2 to 4 lpm flowmeter with a 0 to 1000 cc/min oxygen flowmeter. Product by MidMark.please call 1-877-503-9657 Ext – 88911 to speak with a customer service representative to find out how to purchase Midmark Products. Please call 1-877-503-9657 Ext – 88911 to speak with a customer service representative to find out how to purchase Midmark Products. How to buy..

    VETRON-300 Extracorporeal Veterinary Shock Wave Therapy Unit

    Posted on July 7, 2011, under Veterinary Equipment

    Extracorporeal Veterinary Shock Wave Therapy UnitThe Vetron-300 ESWT unit is the most advanced featured ESWT Shockwave Therapy unit. The VETRON-300’s unique combination of state-of-the-art Shockwave generation technique capabilities combined with it’s advanced features. This new unit is expanding the current limits of Shockwave treatment today and for years to come. Features: Higher Powered, Focusable, Increases the depth and width of your current Therapeutic treatment capabilities while increasing your profits, Large LCD control panel with selection/display and field replacable electrodes. State of the art, Easy to use, Fully adjustable.

    Electro-Hydraulic system, verified safest; 10 Step Energy; Color LCD Display; Portable, easy to use and transport; Focusable, largest focus depth & width variance available; Hand Trigger; Highest Energy, therapeutic effect; Three Applicator Heads, small, medium and large fields included; Larger Shockwave Entry Area; Cost Efficient. Power Consumption: Max. 150 VA; Touch Screen LCD Monitor; Light weight: 35 lbs.  Contact The Manufacturer

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    Veterinary Dental Equipment Ultima Vet Base by NLS Animal Health

    Posted on June 13, 2011, under Veterinary Equipment

    Veterinary Dental Equipment Ultima Vet Base by NLS Animal HealthStandard features on all Ultima 500 Dental Units include dual clean water bottle system, silent cooling fan, internal 6-outlet electrical strip, hinged control panel, color-coded air lines, water female quick disconnect, large internal shelf, third air line for sonic scaling, fully enclosed in white fiberglass shell.

    With the simple press of the button, this compact unit can function in either scaling or polishing mode. The Ultima Vet Base is a full-function, self-contained, counter-top dental unit. Simply plug it in and turn it on. The only unit you will need for all of your dental procedures. Details

    BioElectronics Corp Expands Into $28 Billion Dollar Veterinary Services Market

    Posted on November 8, 2008, under Misc

    BioElectronics Corporation (BIEL.OTCPK) announced today it has reached a market distribution agreement with eMarkets Group, a privately-held, New Jersey company to expand the reach of its technology into the $28 billion market for veterinary services.

    BioElectronics miniaturized PEMF technology can be used on pets and horses for a multiple conditions. Some applications include reducing swelling and pain from surgical incisions and enhancing and speeding healing of muscle strains and hoof or claw conditions.

    BioElectronics Corporation (OTCPK:BIEL) is the maker of inexpensive, drug-free, anti-inflammatory medical devices and patches. The Company’s inexpensive wafer thin patches and devices contain an embedded microchip and battery that deliver pulsed electromagnetic energy, a clinically proven and widely accepted anti-inflammatory and pain relief therapy that heretofore has only been possible to obtain from large, facility-based equipment. BioElectronics markets and sells its current products under the brand names ActiPatch(TM) and RecoveryRx(TM). The dermal patch delivery system creates a multitude of new product opportunities for chronic and acute inflammatory conditions.

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