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    Dog Vaccine, Canine Spectra 7 – Single Dose Syringe

    Posted on November 23, 2008, under Veterinary Drug

    kvvet Canine Spectra 7 Single Dose Syringe

    Canine Spectara 7 is an economical annual booster offering 7-way protection against canine distemper, adenovirus Type 2, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, Leptospira can. and Leptospira ict.

    Features and Benefits:
    •Meets or exceeds USDA standards
    •Contains type 2B parvovirus for rapid immunity and cross protection against all recognized field strains
    •Parvo fraction is high titration, low passage
    •High vaccine titers help overcome low-level maternal antibody interference in puppies
    •Available in single dose with syringe
    •Easy do-it-yourself vaccination yields huge savings, especially for multiple dog owners, breeders, and shelters

    Product by KV Pet Equine. View Details

    Veterinary Acupuncture Ancient Art to Modern Medicine (2nd Edition)

    Posted on April 9, 2008, under Misc

    Veterinary Acupuncture Ancient Art to Modern Medicine (2nd Edition) Veterinary Acupuncture Ancient Art to Modern Medicine (2nd Edition)

    Veterinary Acupuncture Ancient Art to Modern Medicine (2nd Edition) This revision reflects major updating, expansion of hot topics, and coverage of trends, current areas of research interest, and controversies in veterinary acupuncture. The book begins with the history and concepts of acupuncture and continues with the anatomic and neurophysiologic basis of acupuncture, research on acupuncture, practical techniques, instrumentation, and point selection. Part two covers acupuncture in small animals, including a canine atlas, avian acupuncture, and chapters that focus on disorders grouped by body systems. Part three is devoted to acupuncture in large animals. It begins with three different equine atlases, followed by equine acupuncture treatment according to body system, and concludes with acupuncture in cattle and a porcine acupuncture atlas. Part four covers failures in veterinary acupuncture and veterinary manipulative therapies. Author Allen M. Schoen Studio Elsevier – Health Sciences Division Format Book

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    Welch Allyn SureTemp Electronic Thermometer

    Posted on March 19, 2012, under Veterinary Tool

    The Welch Allyn Sure Temp Plus 690 is one of the fastest, most reliable and accurate thermometers ever developed for small and large animals alike, providing you with a 10- to 13-second rectal temperature measurement.

    Simple, yet sophisticated, it has an easy-to-read LCD display, leaving your hands free to work with your patients, and the interchangeable, removable probe well reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

    With ergonomic design with rubberized grip, it also complete with Call button to display the last measured temperature. Interchangeable probe with push-button probe cover ejection. Interchangeable rectal probe and well reduce risk of cross-contamination. Removable probe well for easy cleaning. Convenient storage for 25 probe covers.

    Welch Allyn Inc.
    Corporate Headquarters
    4341 State Street Road
    Skaneateles Falls, NY 13153-0220
    Tel: 1.800.535.6663
    Fax: 1.315.685.3361

    Paws and Claws Pet Vet

    Posted on January 27, 2011, under Pet Games

    Paws and Claws Pet Vet

    • Nurse all of the animals back to health through cases using your veterinary skills and tender loving, caring touch.
    • What are your favorite animals? You’ll get to treat them all, including dogs, cats, horses, birds, and more.
    • Design your own clinic! Choose what kennels to build and expand existing buildings to provide more services to your patients.
    • Become the best vet and you’ll grow your business into the biggest pet clinic in town!
    • Single person strategy play.

    You love animals and the6y love you. Now you can pamper and rescue all your favorite creatures at your own pet clinic. Nurture and love the animals to grow your business and become every animal’s best friend.