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    Oh Behave!: Dogs from Pavlov to Premack to Pinker

    Posted on May 1, 2008, under Veterinary Book

    Dogs from Pavlov to Premack to Pinker$13.57 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

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    Section 1: Behavior
    Chemistry and Constraints: How We Choose Our Dogs
    Test Your Dog’s IQ
    Observation vs Interpretation
    Wolf Behavior Patterns
    Social Organization Models; A Mind Virus
    Neonate Puppies
    The Owner Signature: How We Build Our Dogs
    What Is Play?
    Dog Cognition Research
    Ambivalence and Conflicting Motivation
    Nutrition and Behavior
    Malingering: Do Dogs Ever Fake It?

    Section 2: Training
    Dog Training Philosophies
    Puritanism and Reward Training
    Pavlov in Everyday Life
    Prompting and Fading
    Exploiting Premack’s Principle
    Ringwise Dogs
    Training Deaf Dogs
    Managing Barrier Frustration
    Home Alone Training
    Scratching the Rescue Itch

    Section 3: Behavior problems
    A Problem According to Whom?
    Oh Behave! Love and Mounting
    Car Whining
    Behavior Problems in Geriatric Dogs
    Understanding and Executing Time Outs for Dogs
    High Performance Dogs
    Dogs and Cats
    Small Dog Syndrome
    Tales From The Potty Training Trenches

    Section 4: Fear & Anxiety
    Better Safe Than Sorry: Fear
    Compulsive Disorders in Dogs
    Understanding Psychotropic Medications for Dogs
    Desensitization to Veterinarian Visits
    Separation Anxiety
    Do Dogs Pick Up Their Owners’ Prejudices?

    Section 5: Aggression
    The Dog Bite Epidemic
    Aggression Prognosis Estimates
    Resource Guarding in Puppies
    Resource Guarding Prevention
    Fighting Dog Rehabilitation
    Predatory Drift
    Breed Specific Legislation and Behavior

    Section 6: Genetics & Evolution
    My Genes Made Me Do It
    Genes and Behavior
    Adaptive Significance of Various Dog Behaviors
    Chows vs Border Collies
    Theories of Domestication
    Breeder Power
    Dog Moms and Other Evolutionary Misfires

    Last night, I read through the chapters in section 1. I have to say that I think that each chapter is going to be hit or miss with me.

    For example, the chapter called “Chemistry and Constraints: How We Choose Our Dogs” wasn’t that enlightening. Jean even admits that there isn’t a lot of research about how we choose our dogs, and she confesses, “So, using a wholly rigorous approach — mulling it over in the shower and chatting with some dog friends — I have generated the following list of dog choice factors.” At least she’s honest, but in a book that throws Pavlov, Premack, and Pinker in the title, I figured the conclusions would be based more in research than mulling it over.

    On the other hand, I really enjoyed the chapter called “Observation vs Interpretation.” She contrasts the behaviorism school of thought versus other interpreters, and I’m pretty sure she’s implying folks like Caesar Millan in the later case. It’s pretty clear from the subtext that she doesn’t like the whole “the dog is displaying his dominance” school of thought.

    In the end, I think I’ll end up marking the chapters that are worth reading, and then taking the bibliography in the back and doing some further reading. This book is almost like a series of blog posts strung together, and although that’s not really what I look for in a book, it’s probably a good starting point for learning more about what we really know about animal behavior science.

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    DVMAX, Fast and Easy Veterinary Practice Management Software

    Posted on April 26, 2009, under Veterinary Software

    DVMAX Veterinary Practice Management Software DVMAX Practice offers a total software solution to your practice’s needs. Features Complete Animal Health Medical Record, Integrated Lab and in-house blood analyzer support, Prescription labeling and pharmacy inventory management, Powerful search engine, record manipulation and financial reporting capabilities, Built-in Word-processing, including macros for quicker, error-free entry, fax and email capablity.

    DVMAX has been developing the most powerful, yet easy to use, veterinary practice management system for both Mac and Windows. The DVMAX ‘One Step Paperless Practice’, maximizes your profits, eliminates missed charges, and controls your most expensive cost: your labor! History-driven invoicing eliminates the need to create a medical record, an invoice, and a health check report card separately.

    DVMAX SafeData Program has been online for over a year now and has been a great success. This service performs automatic FTP uploads and/or monitoring of your practice’s regular DVMAX data backups. With the data upload options, uploads of your backups are sent automatically to the secure server weekly or monthly using a program that runs on the DVMAX Server computer in your practice. Try the live demo

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    VetPDA Calcs, iPhone Veterinary Calculators App

    Posted on May 5, 2011, under Veterinary Software

    vetPDA veterinary calculator apps iphoneUC Davis Veterinary Medicine develop a new iPhone App, Calculator for Veterinary Medicine, VetPDA Calcs. This useful calculators handled complete list of basic and advance measurements. Include: Anesthesia Drug Calculator, Alveolar-Arterial Gradient, Blood Gas Analysis, Anion Gap, Body Surface Area, Bicarbonate Dosing, Corrected Calcium, Combining Fluids, Dosing Calculator, Constant Rate Infusion, Echo Values, Fluid Plan, Equine Fluids, Maintenance Fluids, Temperature Conversion, Osmolality, Weight Conversion, and Transfusion.

    The VetPDA Calcs contains 21 useful calculators for Veterinary Medicine students and professionals. The new version 1.5 features Equine Fluids Calculator to Determine volume of various fluid types based on body weight. And also Fractional Excretion of Sodium. This app has a custom input keyboard, makes data entry easy and fast. Available on iTunes App Store.

    A Very Dairy Christmas – Christmas Gift for Veterinarian

    Posted on December 20, 2008, under Misc

    A Very Dairy Christmas - Christmas Gift for VeterinarianBe prepared to laugh and cry when social tolerance and generational differences are put to the test in this inspirational novel about a New York City pop-culture princess who is unexpectedly forced to visit her estranged German grandparents on their Wisconsin dairy farm during her Christmas vacation. A Very Dairy Christmas emphasizes the true meaning of Christmas in a present-day setting while delivering a message that is sure to inspire the reader!

    With chapters like "There’s no place like a stranger’s home", "You don’t need a farm to have a pig", and Redemption is a mouse click away", you’ll be whisked away into the privileged, and often controversial, world of Callie Michaels, the teenaged daughter of famed high fashion photographer, Zoey Michaels.

    Books become classics when they appeal to all generations, and A Very Dairy Christmas manages to do just that in this heart-warming comedy about dysfunctional family relationships. VIEW DETAILS