Software Review: NLS Vet Clinic Management Software

NLS-vet-clinic-management-softwareNLS (New Leaf Soft) is an easy to use Veterinary Clinic Management Software. All information is entered fast using drop-down lists, auto-capitalization, incremental searching and preset fees for consultation types and medical services. The Consultations Overview screen gives you instant access to all past, present and future consultations as well as the ability to generate listings of Reminders, Client’s Spending and Client’s Appointment Activity.

A simple and versatile solution has been found to cater for the large number of medical services and drugs offered in a veterinary surgery. It takes only seconds to find a required service with the Find facility. With this system you can organize your medical services and drugs exactly how you want. Information is clearly laid out on separate panels, that work seamlessly together, and is easy to retrieve. 

New Leaf Soft Software works equally fast and reliably on a single computer and over a network. Screens are updated instantly on all computers on the network when record details are changed. About the database, All data is extracted from your existing database with complete accuracy and no data loss. To provide further security NLS software has an integrated data backup facility, which is easy to operate. Features include backup to remote location, auto-backup and 3-step simple restore.

NLS Veterinary Software Database Features:

  • Fast and efficient
  • First class mature, stable and reliable
  • Uses secure remote connection
  • Supports local and remote connection (local network, intranet and internet)
  • Client/server database system providing maximum protection of data integrity
  • Unlimited number of workstations can be connected to the network
  • Works equally well and efficiently on small and very large databases
  • Entire database contained in a single, password protected file
  • Online backup
  • Instant screen update on all computer when a record is modified
  • Virtually unbreakable

NLS veterinary software is excellent priced with an optional low yearly support fee. Software functionality and quality is not compromised by the lower cost. It is widely used across the world by companies that require guarantee of stability, such as businesses in the Finance, Government and Pharmaceutical sectors. Try NLSVet on your computer now.

Software Screenshots:

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