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Top 8 Recommended Veterinary Softwares

Posted on Jan.13, 2009, under Veterinary Software

The Veterinary software recently becomes very helpful for veterinarian especially for veterinary practice. Nowadays there are many available companies provide veterinary practice management software, and they are developed with the latest trends in veterinary medicine and computer technology in mind.

Below, we present a selection of 8 recommended veterinary softwares, along with links to their websites and screenshots of their applications.


VETECH software service

VETECH Software Services, Inc. has been serving the veterinary industry since 1982. VETECH is proud to be the innovators of many features that are often copied by others. They offer state-of-the-art turnkey stationary or mobile computer systems for the traditional or paperless practice. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff members are available to assist you in designing a system to your specifications.

VETECH currently has over 900 installations nationwide ranging from small animal, mixed, large animal, equine, emergency & 24 hour, specialty, multi-location, house call and paperless practices. From single user systems to networks with over forty workstations, their software can be custom-tailored to meet the needs of virtually any stationary or mobile veterinary practice.

Jupiter Systems

jupiter systems


  • Scan paper documents directly into patient records – external labs/referral letters.
  • Import emails and attachments direct from outlook.
  • Fax – Receive faxes via interfaced software.
  • Digital X-rays – Attach files for instant access.
  • Image library contains dental charts, eye charts, lesions…
  • Send SMS Text reminders for appointments and recalls.
  • Attach patient images.
  • Automatic order creation
  • Download wholesale delivery files.
  • Import batch numbers, expiry dates and barcodes.
  • Track stock movement between branches & vehicles.
  • Scan barcodes at point of sale to store batch and expiry for tracing of stock to batch level.
  • Create recalls & client-mailings.
  • Produce period-end batch reports for clients.
  • Stock inventory and evaluation.

Recently The Jupiter System has update their software. The new software is powered by Voyager. Unlike any other system from any other supplier, Voyager offers a different way of thinking about data storage, access and retrieval, software maintenance, installation and client interaction. Voyager offer Networking Security and Stability via their SQL Server Clustering.


Two or more servers are configured in a cluster arrangement to operate as a “virtual” SQL server. Each server has software locally installed AND also installed via a shared sub-system with the other servers in the cluster.
A “heartbeat” is heard between servers in the cluster, ensuring each server is functioning properly, if not, then “Failover” occurs – i.e. if one machine in the cluster fails, another assumes the responsibilities of the downed server thus the hardware failure does not result in loss of functionality for the application.



A complete design that follows “Best Practices” used in today’s modern veterinary clinics and hospitals. As an “All-in-One” solution, high priced add-ons are not required to experience the core functions that a clinic management suite should provide. Truly designed by “Veterinarians for Veterinarians”. DVM’s research and development employs genuine clinics as beta test sites. By working closely with veterinarians, technicians, and support staff, DVM is truly providing you with a “Best of Breed” solution.

Cow Sense


Cow Sense is the flagship of Midwest MicroSystems L.L.C., which provides information management solutions to the beef industry. Perhaps no other time in history of the beef industry has information management and analysis had such significance for the decisions they make, or fail to make, in their operations. Application of this information can drastically affect profitability! All of this information can easily become overwhelming and traditional analysis to time consuming.

PAWS Veterinary Practice Management

PAWS Veterinary Practice Management

Their mission is to help the Veterinary small business owner overcome business related challenges so that revenues and profits are increased, losses are reduced or eliminated, and the general operation of the business flows more smoothly.


Cattlesoft-Software Solutions for the Cattle Industry

With exceptional response to the software, the co-founder, Terrell and Penny determined the need for an easy-to-use cattle software program at an affordable price. Since that time, Cattlesoft, Inc. is pleased to have several thousand ranches in 28 countries using the CattleMax, CattleMax Spanish, and LonghornMax software programs for their ranches. Every day, thousands of ranches throughout the world use the cattle industry information resources available at The Cattle Pages for additional assistance with their operations.

2i Nova, V-Tech Platinum


2i NOVA, Inc. produces V-Tech Platinum, veterinary software for the hospital that needs complete practice management software. 2i NOVA, Inc. was founded in 1988 in an effort to bring affordable Practice Management Software to the veterinary market. Their philosophy revolves around a belief that their existing clients are more important than attracting new clients. This simply means that the usual high level of marketing costs are poured back into creating the best support team in the industry.

AVImark Veterinary Management System

AVImark Veterinary Management System

The AVImark Veterinary Software System is the most function rich, user friendly system on the market today. With over 7,800 (and growing) veterinary clinics using the AVImark for Windows program, AVImark is, by far, the software system of choice for veterinary clinics today.

Featured program:

  • Appointment Calendar
  • Boarding Calendar
  • Client Information Display
  • Estimates
  • Image Capture
  • Information Search
  • Inventory Control
  • Patient Reminders
  • Reports
  • S.O.A.P. (The Subjective – Objective – Assessment – Plan)
  • Treatment List
  • Users & Security
  • Whiteboard
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